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Wait! Before You Call Any Other School
In This Program and Certification You Would Learn:
Hypnotic Present and Pass Life Regression no other school teaches these techniques
including in this certification and as part of the package..

Hypnotic Present and Pass Life Regression Therapy thise are two of them most powerful techniques available to the hypnotherapist. Becoming a master of hypnotic age regression therapy requires a firm understanding of the fundamental building blocks of the procedure. In this certification I am going to teach you the most important parts of the method which will aid you in mastering this process and I will teach you some major points that can make the difference between success and failure. Specifically, to uncover the initial trauma event that generates diseases. This is the point where your client's problem started.

All these secret tools and more about
How To Do Present Life Regressions
and Pass Life Regressions TODAY

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In Our Hypnotist Certification Training in 2014, 2015 and 2016

Our focus on live demonstrations and supervised practices makes this a truly exceptional training that prepares you for a rewarding and profitable career as a professional certified hypnotist


The American Hypnosis School believes in teaching the most effective methods and techniques that have been perfected by the masters. As a NGH Certified Instructor, Certified Hypnotist-Hypnotherapist and member of the NGH Teaching Faculty, John Tur is internationally known as a "The Hypno-Mentor” for his ability to blend the art, science, business and practicality of hypnosis together into a seamless package that his students can easily understand. His success with clients speaks for itself as he has helped many to make the often difficult changes they want and need. John will help you to learn the techniques, the methods and all the "how" and "why" of what Hypnosis is, how it works, and how you can become proficient in helping others with it.

"I truly believe that Hypnosis is probably the most misunderstood and under-developed part of our human experience. Virtually all of us are capable of it, already use it without knowing and are subject to it being used by others every day.

 "I always make my clients aware of how this works and how they are constantly being given suggestions by family, friends, colleagues and advertisers. Hypnosis and Self Hypnosis are powerful tools that anybody can make great use of to make great changes in their life, overcome personal obstacles and begin being the person they want to be and living the life they want.
These are just some of the wonderful accomplishments you can have by becoming a Certified Hypnotist-Hypnotherapist or Certified Consulting Hypnotist at the American Hypnosis School.

Learning Hypnosis
At The
American Hypnosis School Is a Great Career

You Will Learn...
Hypnosis depth testing
Speed hypnosis
How to hypnotize with a 3-step classical hypnotic induction procedure
How hypnosis can be beneficial for you
How to properly explain hypnosis to clients
How to do a "progressive relaxation induction"
How to determine if your clients are more visual, auditory or kinesthetic
Self improvement uses of hypnotic, effective suggestions
Why hypnotism is a useful adjunct to your practice
Application of hypnosis, including smoking cessation, weight control and stress management
How to set up your practice and build your clientele
And much more!

How to Classify Clients & Make Them Comfortable With Hypnotism
Which people make the best subjects
When not to hypnotize someone
The dangers of using hypnosis

Experience a Complete Self Hypnosis Segment
Introduction to Hypnotism and Overview of the field
A look how hypnosis has helped and is helping various professionals in their work
An introduction to the work of the course
The Use of Tests to Determine Which Types of Hypnotic Induction Will Be Most Effective For Each Individual Client 
Learning to measure how deeply a subject has gone into hypnosis
Includes Examination of the first step in self hypnosis 

The Use of of Mechanical Aids in Hypnosis
Hypnosis for enhancing memory, including techniques for hyper-amnesia and age regression
Post Hypnotic Suggestion
Indirect Suggestion
Indirect Hypnosis
Distraction / Confusion Method
Demonstration of some of these aids and techniques 

Theoretical Explanation of the Depth Stages in Hypnosis
Negative Hallucinations 
Examination of the Second Step in Self Hypnosis
Practice session and how behavior is created
Learning to formulate Positive Suggestions, Reinforcement and Encouragement
The Third Step in self hypnosis and practical exercises using suggestion formulation techniques 

Deepening and Pyramiding Techniques
Short history of hypnotist
Miscellaneous information, including words to avoid, ethical considerations, keeping records

Hypnosis and Anesthesia
Medicine and Dentistry
Use for medical/dental surgery and childbirth

How to Hypnotize Using an Authoritative Induction Method
How to achieve rapport with a client
Practice using the induction method and depth tests

A good consulting Hypnotist / Hypnotherapist can make in excess of $100,000/year and have great satisfaction in helping people to achieve the goals they want and need. To be successful you need skills and the ability to use them. Your clients want results from you right away and at the American Hypnosis School we use hands-on training to get you fully prepared for anything you'll need.

The Hypnosis Practitioner Today! 

     NEVER BEFORE . . . has there been an opportunity such as this where you can attend a one week hypnosis training and begin immediately earning $100 - $150 per hour helping others to improve their lives.  This is truly one of the most remarkable professions available today ... and best of all it is something that EVERYONE can use!  


High Income, Security, Pride and Freedom in One Week!

This Seven Day Hypnotherapy Training is ideal for those who have little to no past experience in hypnosis or for professionals who cannot be away from their office for more than one week of training.  This quick moving class starts at the very beginning and completely covers everything you will need to know to be proficient and professional in your new career.. 
The Classroom Atmosphere is an added bonus as you will be able to learn from watching others. The interaction through practicing, discussion and observation has proven to be a valuable learning tool.
We Believe that Learning should not be simply a "Spectator Sport".  You'll be rolling up your sleeves and jumping into hands-on practice within a few hours of the very first day.  We use the Hands-On Approach to hypnosis training and you will find yourself conducting actual hypnosis sessions as early as the second day of training. 
By the End of your Seven Days you will feel comfortable in conducting hypnosis sessions.  You'll be totally prepared to get started in your new venture and most importantly you'll be certified as a graduate of the Oro Hypnosis School. Imagine being completely prepared to begin a new career earning an extremely high income in just one week. 
Let's face it . . . a week is going to pass by whether you like it or not.  The question to ask yourself is what will you be doing differently a week from now if you don't attend? . . . but if you do attend ... imagine how differently people will look at you once the week has gone by and you suddenly find yourself with a professional new career.  This is truly a remarkable field to be involved in and now is the best time to get started.

Here's a Dozen Choices to Get you Started.

Upon graduation you'll have the opportunity . . . certification and knowledge to start a variety of hypnosis related businesses.  Rather than being limited to one source of income you may want to expand and have several going on simultaneously.
Open a Hypnosis Office -  Conducting individual hypnosis sessions seems to be the most common venture that new graduates start upon graduation.  

Telephone Hypnosis - Conducting hypnosis sessions over the telephone is a simple and very effective way to begin your hypnosis business.  (No need for an office) This option has become very popular in recent years especially for those who live in sparsely populated areas.  With Telephone Hypnosis your local clientele area has now expanded internationally.  The "world" is now your office!

Group Hypnosis Sessions.  There are many Hypnosis Professionals who find this to be so lucrative that their entire business is made up of strictly conducting Group Sessions in a circuit from city to city.  These are most commonly conducted for smoking cessation and weight loss sessions.  If done properly, according to our instructions, this is also a great way to seed a huge influx of individual sessions to your practice.

Past Life Regression - If you prefer to work on the Spiritual Side of hypnosis, there is a huge demand for Hypnotist / Hypnotherapist to conduct Past Life Regression and a multitude of other spiritual related sessions.

Painless Childbirth Sessions or Clinic - Many expecting parents today realize the advantage of delivering children without the heavy-duty medications that are typically involved.  Hypnosis can help the birthing experience to be easier, less stressful and even enjoyable.  By using hypnosis rather than the traditional pain medications, not only is it safer but both the mother and child will recuperate quicker.

  Forensic Hypnosis - Forensic Hypnosis has been a growing field in recent years.  This is similar to working as a detective within someone's mind to recover forgotten/hidden memories, find lost items or even work with police departments to recover lost clues.  Throughout the years I have had the opportunity to find many lost checks, cash and even a lost automobile.  I've been able to recover clues involving theft of confidential corporate materials and to solving several hit and run accidents.  This is truly a remarkable field.

Sports Hypnosis - Sports Hypnosis can be a wonderful field to work in especially if you have an interest in a specific sport.  Many professional football, basketball, soccer and baseball teams use the regular services of a hypnotist / hypnotherapist or even have one travel with them on the road for the added edge they can receive.  During countless interviews with professional golfers, swimmers and Olympians you will hear them state that hypnosis, meditation, imagination training or guided imagery were key to helping them win.  Keep in mind that as an average, hypnosis can sharpen all of the senses a minimum of 15%.  It can be extremely valuable in sports to enhance concentration, focus, speed, strength, balance and rhythm.

Teaching Continuing Education - Continuing Education or Adult Education programs can be a great but simple way to get started.  One of our recent graduates decided to specialize in Past Life Regression.  In less than a year's time she was teaching at approximately 12 to 15 different City Adult Education programs in Southern Maine.  This not only gave her a great hourly pay for the actual teaching but it is also able to help fill her Individual Hypnosis Practice with many new clients desiring sessions. 

In addition to this, each one of these cities are advertising her to all of their residents.  This alone is worth it.  Another great advantage is that sheer volume of this Free Advertising made her the authority in the area for Past Life Regression.

 Create Hypnosis CDs and MP3s -This is a great way to create a residual income.  You can market CDs in your office, on the Internet, through an online store, through consignment in metaphysical stores and in back of room sales displays at any public speaking or group event that you participate in.

Comedy Hypnosis - If you enjoy having fun and are not intimidated by speaking in front of people then this lucrative venue may be for you.  It is also a great way to getting the word out to a large number of people that you conduct hypnosis.  You can include comical skits within your routine that would act as commercials for items such as smoking cessation, weight loss, confidence and stress reduction.  In addition to being entertaining they can also be informative.

Self Help - It is important to mention here that many of our graduates have taken this course for the purpose of self-enrichment or to assist family and friends to improve their lives rather than to start a new business.  This is also a wonderful reason to learn hypnosis.  Keep in mind that any area of your life that you can improve in, you can do it more effectively with the power of your subconscious mind.  "What the mind can conceive, the mind can achieve."

Hypnosis Instructor - We are always looking for quality, self starting individuals to be Instructors with the American Hypnosis School. As an instructor you would be a franchised business owner with many valuable benefits including being able to use the American Hypnosis School as part of your business name.   


Read This and You be the Judge

Here are some average (non-inflated) rates for various services offered in the Hypnosis field to give you an idea of what you are getting into:  The average Hypnotherapist conducting Individual Hypnosis Sessions makes between $100 to $150 per session.A session runs approximately 1 to 1 1/2 hours.Your income of course is directly related to your advertising efforts.An average full time Hypnotherapist can easily have between 2 and 5 sessions a day. Imagine if you were above average?
With Group Hypnosis Sessions for topics such as Smoking Cessation, Weight Loss, Past Life Regression & Relaxation, you would normally charge clients between $45 and $75 to attend.An average attendance would be approximately 15 to 200 clients which works out to be approximately $675.00 to $9,000.00 for a session using the lower rate of $45 a client.Sessions usually lasts approximately 1 hour.With a larger groups you would want to add on an extra 45 minutes to an hour for setup, seating and giving them time to leave the building after the session is over.The beauty of conducting group sessions is that you can sell many additional products upon completion of your program behind the room.Many people will want to stop and see what you are offering so they can bring something home to either help them additionally with what they came to accomplish or simply as a souvenir.Items that work quite well are CDs, tapes, hypnosis related books, relaxing music, T-shirts, hats and various knickknacks.
The average Metaphysic Sessions range from $150 per session for Past Life Regression (This is between a one to two hour session) to $450 per session for Life Between Life Experience: (These usually take between three to four hours)
As a Hypnotist/ Hypnotherapist Instructor you would be a Franchised Independent Contractor and able to charge whatever you deem appropriate.The average tuition for Live Training is about $1800.00 as a low tuition to a high average of approximately $2300.00.The average group classroom depending on your advertising is from 4 to 15 students. 

 American Hypnosis School Advantage

American Hypnosis School offers you much more than tremendous, experienced, hands-on training. We provide all of our students with the tools necessary to immediately start in their own business and the guidance and advice to help prevent them from making costly errors and miscalculations.

Call us today for more information on our classes and sessions.

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Hypnotism - Hypnotherapy Training

John Tur CH.CI. 


( 1 Week Certification ) Saturday - Friday  


Week Days


  ( 9 Weeks Certification ) Mondays - Wednesdays 


( 10 Weeks Certification ) Tuesdays - Thursdays  

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Register with a friend and get 50% discount for the second person.


Certifications and Diplomas 20 - Class Fee -
$1,995 With Early Registration + $150 Books, DVD, CD, Hypnosis Scripts
$600 Deposit Required - (Ask us about our financing program)

     American Hypnosis School   
  American Colegio De Hipnosis
Educational Center Location
8181 NW 36 Street Suite 31, Miami, Florida 33166 ,
Call To Register Direct 305-951-3861 Fax: 786-427-1309
Advanced Live Hypnotism Training
In Classroom Training Includes:
Powerful, high energy training.
Including the required practice and reading time. 

About The NGH Hypnotherapy Certification Training




Why NGH Training?

Because, first of all, you will receive the professional certificate stating that you are a Certified professional Hypnotherapist/Hypnotist and are certified according to approved and accredited training requirements appropriate for the US and abroad. 
You will be able to start to conduct business immediately after receiving your certificate upon completion of the course requirements (classroom hours and homework). NGH training in our NGH hypnosis school for professional Certification at American Hypnosis School supplies you with accredited information and insures the successful start of your business.
NHG training NGH hypnosis school for professional Certification at American Hypnosis School supplies your malpractice insurance, unlike all other training.
NGH Hypnosis training  is the best and most comprehensive training in hypnotherapy available in the US.
NGH trains its professionally prepared trainers at its headquarters in Miami Florida, through a very comprehensive program preparing the best of those who teach NGH curriculum through out the United States and all over the world, all according to standardized program.

Beware of the fake hypnosis trainers and schools - those who do not have the NGH professional Certified Instructor certificate.  Only the NGH Certificate is approved and accredited in the United States for you to hold business in Hypnotherapy.
NGH training program offers a comprehensive and in depth approach to the spectrum of hypnotherapy techniques.
It is designed to offer those preparing for a professional hypnotherapy practice the greatest advantage. Through the NGH curriculum, proven therapeutic programs for helping individuals resolve problem areas in their lives so your clients benefit therapeutically:

  •  Mind,
  •  Body,
  • Emotions and
  •  Spirit

Additionally, record keeping, effective marketing, web-marketing and setting your web-site, advertising, and many other aspects of "how to" set up your successful practice are taught.

This full Hypnotist certification course includes required certain hours of class instruction, homework and practice. .
required hours class and supervised practice in class hours and 25 hours of homework, practice sessions.

·         Lectures,
·         Q & A,
·         Demonstrations of therapeutic processes and techniques,
hands-on supervised practice using the latest tools and techniques learned in class, in addition practical self-healing techniques for stress, and tools for well-being to help yourself and others is covered in class.
 Through direct experience, students receive the most valuable aspects of each approach in hypnotherapy. This has proven to be very successful for accelerated learning, and the students enjoy the process.
                            Homework will include learning to write scripts, self-suggestions and other types of practice.

Graduates can utilize hypnotherapy as a career and become self-employed or find employment with medical/health professionals, or alternative health care professionals. Upon successful completion of this course, you will be awarded your NGH Hypnotherapy Certification and The American Hypnosis School Diploma.
Material for training course is prepared and provided to you by the NGH and includes two complete manuals a marketing manual, three video tapes, audio tape and additional handout material and your first script book on CD. 


The NGH is the world's largest and most prestigious hypnosis certifying organization with members across the U.S. and in thirty countries.
The NGH certifies hypnotherapists and hypnosis instructors, provides continuing education, maintains a bookstore and resource center, provides liability insurance programs and enforces a Code of Ethics and Practice.  NGH helps and protects NGH Certified professional hypnotists practicing hypnotism full or part time.
The NGH holds an annual educational conference with over 250 hypnotherapy presentations and upwards of 2,500 participants.
There are also NGH sponsored legal advocates who participate in legislatures all over the country representing the Guild's members. NGH is highly supportive, having a lending library of videos and audio tapes, referrals, legislative support, regular local meetings, and much more.
You can also obtain liability insurance through NGH, which has a political and legislative arm, the National Federation of Hypnotists, Local 104 of the AFL-CIO. The Guild was recently honored by the 103rd U.S. Congress, and a tribute to it was included in the Congressional Record.

UPON graduation from our NGH hypnosis school for professional Certification at American Hypnosis School NGH Members Receive:


·         Quality training and instructional materials
·         A Hypnosis Educational Conference
·         Availability of affordable malpractice insurance
·         Availability of group health insurance
·         Legislative updates and support
·         The "Hypno-Gram" quarterly newsletter
·         The "Journal of Hypnotism" quarterly magazine
·         Referrals through computer listings
·         Video and audio tape rental library for its members
·         Book, tape, and video discounts
·         Local chapter networking and education Continuing education programs
·         Continuing Education CEU's
·         Professional services by a professional staff

·         Hotel/motel and auto rental discounts

                 To contact the American Hypnosis School call (305)951-3861                               
Certifications Issued

Upon successful completion of this training,
you will receive certification from the National Guild of Hypnotists and 20 Professional diplomas
from American Hypnosis School® at no additional charge.

The fee for the first year of certification and the National Guild of Hypnotists is included in this live  

The most complete and organized examination preparation classes in hypnotism available today utilizing lecture, demonstration, experiential, audio-visual aids, practicum; plus, question and answer periods.  

    Pre-registration is required and a $600 deposit is necessary to hold your place in the training.

MC, Visa and Discover accepted. 

Course Fee   $1,995 With Early Registration

You may register for any of these programs using your credit card by calling
Office: 305-951-3861

For more information you may call us any time

 Monday through Friday, 9 am -5 pm

Office: 305-951-3861 Or Email us at






Once you Receive Your Certifications as A Certified Hypnotist You
Would Be Qualified To Use And Apply Many
Hypnosis And Regressions Techniques


Hypnosis has many uses from personal self-development, wealth building, self-improvement, business, negotiation skills, to clinical applications for mental and physical health. The following is a partial list of conditions and issues that can be improved or resolved by the use of hypnosis:


Building Self Confidence. Building Self Esteem. Being Yourself Socially. Overcoming Shyness. Develop Optimism. Cool Down Blushing. Assertiveness Training. Saying No. Stay Calm with that Person. Feel Attractive Now. Overcome Insecurity. Stop Negative Thoughts. Memory Improvement. Sell Discipline. Sales Success. Improve Focus and Concentration. Starting Your Own Business. Promote your Business. Sell Yourself. Think Big. Boost Your Will Power. Negotiation and Bargaining.


Interview Anxiety. Self Motivation Booster. Public Speaking Confidence. Improving Concentration and Focus. Creativity Booster. Increase Emotional Intelligence. Achieve Your Potential. Overcoming. Motivation At Work. Believe In Yourself. Best Man's Speech. Creative Problem Solving. Language Learning . Stop Procrastination. Success in Life. Develop Powerful Intuition. Generate Winning Ideas.


Fear of Rejection. Agoraphobia. Fear of Confrontation. Fear of Failure. Stop Panic Attacks. Fear of Flying. Fear of Elevators. Unfamiliar Surroundings. Social Phobia. Dental Phobia Overcome Fear & Anxiety. Fear of Heights. Driving Test . Exam Nerves. Cure Bird Phobia. Overcome Fear of Hospitals. Cure Needle Phobia. Cure Spider Phobia. Fear of Driving Fear of Success. Cure Snake Phobia. Fear of Bridges. Fear of Water. Fear of the Dark. Overcoming Claustrophobia. Wedding Nerves. Performance Anxiety. Sexual Performance Anxiety. Being Alone. Fear of Dogs


Weight Loss - Eat Healthy. Exercise Motivation. Healing Power Hypnosis. Quit Smoking-Stay Stopped. Get Rid of Migraines. Tension Headaches. Cannabis and drugs Dependence. Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Chocolate Addiction. Wart Treatment. Teeth Grinding. Asthma. Bruxism. Depression. Headache General. Insomnia. Itching. Motion Sickness. Pain Control. Stuttering. Suicide. Temper.


Think Thin. Super Slim Me. TV Junk Food. Stop Emotional Eating. Boredom Eating. Stop Binge Eating. Lose Your Sweet Tooth. Enjoy Healthy Cooking. Comfort Eating. Banish Fast Food Weight Loss Motivation


Chronic Pain Management. Pain Relief. Arthritis Pain Relief . Knee Pain Relief. Hip Pain Relief.


Independence in Relationships. Insecurity in Relationships. Fear of Commitment. Put the Spark Back. Get Over a Relationship. Dating Confidence. Approaching Women. Meeting People.


Pre-Operation, Post-Operation, Cancer - Stay Positive, Cancer Pain, Cancer Test, Chemotherapy Nausea, Fear Cancer Recurrence, Needles & Cannulas, Fatigue.


Quit Smoking Hypnosis. Smoking Cessation Program


Anticipatory Anxiety, Be Less Uptight, Customer Service Stress, De-clutter Your Life, Everyday Stress, Failing School Tests, Feel Safe, Feeling Trapped, Home Loss Stress, Instant Stress Relief, Loss of Status, Midlife Crisis Mindfulness Meditation Training, Moving House Stress, Nervous Breakdown, Overwhelm, Personal Bankruptcy Stress, Reduce Time Pressure, Relieve Shoulder Tension, Relieve Stress and Tension, Stress Management Training Test Result Anxiety, Travel Stress, Work Life Balance, Working Mothers.

* Hypnotherapy Session $150

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